Unilevel Recruiting System

URS also known as Unilevel Recruiting System is the most prestige and preferred software solution system that offers innovative and productive products to the clients.

URS compensation plans pay is between 3-12 levels deep. The objective of this compensation URSplan is to speed recruiting for better business strategy.

The levels of payment in URS plan are usually called tiers. URS has its own direct referral commission (fast start bonus) and you can setup how much percentage you share on each level of the Unilevel Recruiting System.

URS features :

1) Multi Payment Gateway
2) Deposit Wallet and Payout Wallet
3) Withdrawal to Payment Processor
4) Direct Referral Commissions
5) Enroller can pay referrer membership
6) Setup earning percentages on all levels
7) Personal Volume, from own membership and direct referrals
8) Genealogy Navigation
9) Ranking System
10) Dynamic Compression
11) Administration Panel
12) Members Backoffice